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At JP's Car Care in Clearfield, Utah is a full-service car care station. We specialize in keeping your car running right by offering a complete range of automotive services. Bring your car to our trusted ASE-certified technicians for tires, oil changes, and maintenance. If your car is having other mechanical problems, we can handle just about anything. Call a company you can trust, call JP's Car Care today and schedule your appointment.
Services we Offer:
  • Air conditioning service/repair
  • Air filters
  • Batteries and electrical system
  • Belts & hoses
  • Brake service
  • Check engine light
  • Computerized diagnostics
  • Cv and drive axles
  • Front end
  • Fuel system service
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Suspension, shocks, and struts
  • Tpms service
  • Transmission service
  • Tune-ups
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Your vehicle's ability to keep you cool is an important part of making you and your passengers comfortable.

To keep your car, truck or van's air conditioning performing at peak levels, we recommend regular service visits. Without proper maintenance, your car's air conditioning may be underperforming as much as 5% every year. At JP's Car Care, we don't want that to happen to any of our customers! The good news is that with proper servicing, your vehicle's air conditioning unit can be restored to near new conditions.

If your air conditioning unit is broken, you'll be pleased to know that we can take care of all aspects of AC repair, from the modern computerized components to waste disposal. Here's a look at some of the most common maintenance and repair issues our customers face with AC servicing and repair

Compressor: This belt-driven device compacts the refrigerant gas, then moves it into the condenser.

Condenser: This dissipates the heat that the compressed gasses release and condenses the them into liquids.

Receiver: Also known as a drier, the receiver stores refrigerant and absorbs moisture from it. It also filters out debris and acids.

Orifice Tube/Expansion Valve: This mechanism controls and regulates the refrigerant flow, while converting the high pressure refrigerant to low pressure refrigerant.

Evaporator: The refrigerant enters from the orifice tube and into the evaporator, where it absorbs heat and changes into vapor. This vapor leaves through the compressor and into the car, cooling it.

Your car's air conditioning system should be checked out yearly to make sure it is operating at its best level. At JP's Car Care, we make sure that your A/C system doesn't have any leaks or cracks and that proper refrigerant levels are present. We'll repair your A/C if you notice a drop in effectiveness or quality. We know it's important to control your environment when you are driving, so let us take care of the service and repairs for your car, truck or van's A/C system.


Let our experts make sure the air filter is working well so both you and your car, truck or van can have fresh, clean air. When your vehicle brings air into the engine, the air filter traps particles like dust and insects and prevents them from getting into the engine works. If you don't replace the air filters regularly, you can damage your vehicle.

A clean air filter will boost the quality of air inside the vehicle by blocking the pollutants that may otherwise create poor air quality. We want to help your vehicle maintain its top performance. If you aren't sure whether it is time to replace your air filter, just come on by and we'll do a quick inspection and give you our recommendations.


Your vehicle's electrical system includes the battery, the starter and the alternator and they all work together to keep the engine running. If one of them isn't working properly, your car, truck or van may not start or will not run for long.

Battery: The battery takes chemical energy and converts it into electrical energy to start the vehicle and keeps the engine running. When your battery is experiencing problems, like loose cables or a crack, the car may not start or will respond sluggishly.

Starter: This small motor receives power from the battery and gets the engine running. When the starter isn't working, you won't get very far down the road.

Alternator: An alternator's job is to keep the vehicle's electrical system going, including the battery. When it is faulty, your car will still operate but not well and not for long.

If you suspect your battery or electrical system is in need of service, you may be noticing these symptoms:

  • Losing power during vehicle operation
  • Erratic electrical system performance
  • Warning light on the dashboard
  • No response with the ignition
  • Blown fuses
From starting your vehicle to operating the door locks, your car's battery and electrical systems allow you to get you where you need to go without worrying you will get stranded.

At JP's Car Care, we can check your car, truck or van's electrical system and identify any components that are not functioning properly. We'll service your vehicle and get the most out of its existing electrical system and when necessary, use quality replacement parts.


When it comes to frequency of car repairs, your vehicle's belts and hoses are the most likely candidates. Because they can leak, crack or wear out quickly, they should be inspected regularly and replaced when needed. There are several steps we take to make sure that the constant exposure to heat, vibration and chemicals hasn't compromised these important components in your car, truck or van.

  • Visually inspect the belts, specifically for cracking, glazing, softening or peeling.
  • Perform tests for proper tension
  • Visually inspect the hoses, looking for leaks, cracks and any hardening or softening
  • Perform tests for the cooling system hoses
  • Make notes to compare current status for future inspections
From drive belts to fuel hoses and everything in between, JP's Car Care knows what to look for and how to repair belt and hose issues to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


JP's Car Care would love to be your one-stop shop for brake service. If you are noticing issues with the brakes in your car, truck or van making noises or pulsating, or find that the brake pedal is difficult to press or feels soft when you do, it's time for a professional diagnosis and repair. The brakes are critical in operating your vehicle safely, so a regular inspection is important.

A vehicle's braking system has several components:

  • Disk brakes
  • Drum brakes
  • Parking brake
  • Master cylinder
  • Brake line and hoses
  • Wheel cylinders and callipers
  • Disk brake pads
  • Drum brake shoes
If you are worried that your car brakes need service, look for the following symptoms:

  • Squealing noises
  • Grinding noises
  • Dashboard light (ABS) on
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Steering wheel shudders when brakes are applied
  • Brake pedal is hard to press or feels soft when pressed
The technicians at JP's Car Care in Clearfield, Utah will provide you with high-quality brake repair services so you can hit the road with confidence, knowing your vehicle's brakes will not fail you.


If you see an unfamiliar light on your dashboard panel, known as the Check Engine Light, your vehicle is telling you something is not right. Depending on your car, truck or van's make and model, you may see words or a silhouette of an engine. Regardless of what has triggered the light, it's important to get it looked at right away. At JP's Car Care, we can perform diagnostics to reveal what's happening under the hood.

Our experts will use an electronic scan tool linked to a computer to identify the codes that a vehicle's internal computer is sending out. We'll identify what's going on with your vehicle and recommend the best course of action.

Among the most common issues that cause a check engine light to come on includes:

  • The gas cap isn't on tight
  • The spark plugs aren't working right
  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Problem with mass airflow sensor (MAF)
  • The vehicle's emissions are off
If you see the check engine light come on, just come on by and we'll take a look. We can diagnose the problem quickly and will give you an honest assessment of your options.


There's a complex network of sensors and switches that operate today's modern vehicles and these advanced control systems require exceptional computerized diagnostics. At JP's Car Care, we can analyze your car, truck or van's control computer with a computerized car diagnostic test to make sure everything is operating properly.

A vehicle's sensory components send messages from the working parts to the control computer about how everything is working. If the sensors identify a problem, they trigger the check engine light and then you'll see that on the dashboard.

There are many sensory components that communicate with the main computer, such as:

  • Exhaust oxygen sensor
  • Coolant temperature sensor
  • Manifold absolute pressure sensor
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Camshaft position sensor
  • Crankshaft position sensor
At JP's Car Care, we will use our top-of-the-line computer diagnostic equipment to accurately identify what is happening in your vehicle. Trust us to adequately maintain, service and repair in a fair and honest way.


When it comes to axle inspections and repairs, JP's Car Care is your source for professional, knowledgeable service. It doesn't matter what kind of vehicle you drive–a car, truck, van or off-road vehicle–the axle keeps the wheels in the right positions. The axles also bear the weight of your vehicle and the force of acceleration as well. The most common reasons that car axles break is due to hitting a bump in the road, overloading cargo or bad carrier bearing.

There are several warning signs that your axle is in need of repair:

  • Vibrations as you accelerate
  • Rumblings when you turn the car
  • Clicking or cracking sound when you turn the car
A broken axle can do a lot of damage to your vehicle if you don't get it repaired soon, so make sure you get it in to JP's Car Care for an inspection. We can identify axles that are worn or cracked and replace them before they become significant problems.


When it comes to vehicle care and repair, JP's Car Care has provided complete front end service to customers in the Layton and Clearfield areas for years. From major structural problems to cosmetic issues, our technicians provide a level of expertise that is second to none on any car, truck or van.

If your vehicle's front end problems are a result of a car crash or fender bender, you can rest assured that we have what it takes to perform collision repairs using the latest technology. Your vehicle will be back on the road in no time and restored to its regular condition. Remember that we offer the best service in town at the best prices. We have years of experience in working on a range of models, both domestic and imported, and we have seen it all.


The fuel system of your vehicle is susceptible to clogging up if there is too much dirt, water or dust in the system. When a fuel system is worn out or dirty, it can affect how your car, truck or van runs. At JP's Car Care, we can check your fuel filter and fuel pump to see if they are worn out and need to be replaced.

Symptoms of a struggling fuel system in your car, truck or van might include:

  • Engine knocks
  • Failing an emissions test
  • Rough idle
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Problems with a cold start
Once you bring in your vehicle, it won't take our experts long to check out the fuel system and either clean it out or replace the troublesome component. When your fuel system is working properly, you'll really notice how much better your vehicle is performing and how much better your gas mileage is.


You can keep your vehicle running better and ensure it is more dependable and safer when you pay attention to the manufacturer's recommended scheduled maintenance. What this means is that for little to no cost, JP's Car Care can check your vehicle performance and parts at certain intervals based on how frequently parts may need a little check-up.

For example, most people know that they need to get an oil change for their car, truck or van every 3,000 or so miles. But did you know that other things require the same scheduled maintenance? It's true. When we perform regularly schedule maintenance checks on your vehicle, we'll do a point-by-point inspection, tune-up and more. Regularly scheduled maintenance can ensure the maximum miles without major break-downs.

The cost of these scheduled maintenance visits can vary, depending on your vehicle make and model, number of miles and the age of the vehicle. However, at JP's Car Care, we're committed to providing all our customers in the Layton and Clearfield area the most affordable and honest service.


In every car, truck or van, the shocks and struts optimize the vehicle's comfort as well as how it handles the road. They are a part of the vehicle's steering and suspension system and as they begin to wear out over time, it can affect your vehicle's stability. JP's Car Care can do an inspection of these important components to determine whether they need to be repaired.

You'll notice problems with how your car, truck or van handles turns, bumps and stops especially. Also, your vehicle's alignment affects the condition of the suspension and steering systems. Most commonly, the components become worn or loose and affect the system's ability to properly operate.

A suspension system includes the following components:

  • Control arms
  • Ball joints
  • Springs (coil or leaf)
  • Shock absorbers
  • Struts
The good news is that shocks and struts last a long time and wear out pretty slowly, but around 50,000 miles, most components require replacement in order to restore the handling and control to its previous quality. If your vehicle is at or over this important milestone and you are noticing a decrease in the way your car, truck or van handles, please make an appointment with us.


A TPMS or “Tire Pressure Monitoring System” electronically monitors the air pressure inside your tires. It is designed to report potential tire inflation problems via an indicator on the dashboard. This system has been used for more than a decade, on cars, trucks and vans and was made mandatory in 2007 for all vehicles sold in the United States. At JP's Car Care, we can inspect your vehicle's TPMS to ensure it is working properly.

So what does a TPMS actually do for your vehicle? Underinflated tires don't operate as well as properly inflated ones, so the system helps to reduce tire disintegration by alerting you when they need attention. Properly inflated tires enhance a vehicle's ability to handle and break effectively. Also, since underinflated tires can malfunction and cause an accident, the system actually can help you avoid traffic accidents.

There are two kinds of TPMS: direct TPMS and indirect TPMS. The direct TPMS reports tire pressure in real time via sensors on the valve of each tire. The indirect TPMS approximates tire pressure via the vehicle's anti-lock brakes. Our experts can quickly check your vehicle's TPMS and make recommendations on what it needs to continue to properly function.


Transmission systems in today's cars, trucks and vans are a complicated arrangement of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems that work together to ensure the engine has power and drives the wheels. Regular transmission maintenance means that your vehicle will have a longer life and helps us spot trouble before it becomes a big problem.

Because of the complex nature of the modern automatic transmission, it needs special attention. Problems generally arise because drivers don't know what to look for as warning signs.

The transmission can be affected by several things, like overheating, heavy pulling, extreme hot weather, racing, stress via snow driving and excessive stop-and-go traffic. When the engine works overtime and heats up, the transmission burns more fluid in the car, truck or van.

Here are some things you can do to reduce damage to the transmission:

  • Schedule a regular inspection of the transmission fluid levels and change when recommended.
  • Stop the vehicle before shifting into reverse or park.
  • Hold the brakes down when shifting from park.
  • Check your parking space for leaks regularly and call us for an appointment if you notice fluid under your car.
  • Avoid activities that put too much strain on the vehicle, like racing, heavy pulling for long periods of time and so forth.
Regular transmission service can increase your vehicle's lifespan and save you a lot of money in costly repairs. At JP's Car Care, we'd be happy to check out your transmission and talk to you about any questions you might have.


Just like when you visit your doctor for an annual check-up, your car, truck or van will benefit from a regular tune-up. At JP's Car Care, we can make sure your vehicle is healthy and safe and catch any of the little problems that might grow into big problems if ignored.

Most vehicles will benefit from a tune-up every 30,000 miles or two years, depending on the type of vehicle, the mileage and age. In a typical tune-up at JP's Car Care, the following things happen:

  • Check fluids and top off as needed.
  • Change the oil and filter as needed.
  • Check and replace air filter as needed.
  • Check and adjust the clutch (with manual transmissions).
  • Clean battery cables, add distilled water, and clean terminals.
  • Replace the fuel filter.
  • Change the spark plugs and check the plug wires.
  • Replace distributor cap and rotor (in vehicles that use them).
  • Check ignition system and timing.
  • Adjust valves as needed and replace gaskets if oil is leaking.
  • Check belts for wear and tear and replace them as needed.
Because your vehicle is unique, the time and cost of a car tune-up can vary based on a range of factors, especially the time since your last tune-up. When you bring your car in regularly, your overall cost will be minimal because we'll catch problems before they become costly repairs. Trust JP's Car Care to perform the best and most affordable car tune-ups in the Layton and Clearfield area.
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