Your vehicle’s electrical system includes the battery, the starter and the alternator and they all work together to keep the engine running. If one of them isn’t working properly, your car, truck or van may not start or will not run for long.

Battery: The battery takes chemical energy and converts it into electrical energy to start the vehicle and keeps the engine running. When your battery is experiencing problems, like loose cables or a crack, the car may not start or will respond sluggishly.

Starter: This small motor receives power from the battery and gets the engine running. When the starter isn’t working, you won’t get very far down the road.

Alternator: An alternator’s job is to keep the vehicle’s electrical system going, including the battery. When it is faulty, your car will still operate but not well and not for long.

If you suspect your battery or electrical system is in need of service, you may be noticing these symptoms:

  • Losing power during vehicle operation
  • Erratic electrical system performance
  • Warning light on the dashboard
  • No response with the ignition
  • Blown fuses

From starting your vehicle to operating the door locks, your car’s battery and electrical systems allow you to get you where you need to go without worrying you will get stranded.

At JP’s Car Care, we can check your car, truck or van’s electrical system and identify any components that are not functioning properly. We’ll service your vehicle and get the most out of its existing electrical system and when necessary, use quality replacement parts.


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