A TPMS or “Tire Pressure Monitoring System” electronically monitors the air pressure inside your tires. It is designed to report potential tire inflation problems via an indicator on the dashboard. This system has been used for more than a decade, on cars, trucks and vans and was made mandatory in 2007 for all vehicles sold in the United States. At JP’s Car Care, we can inspect your vehicle’s TPMS to ensure it is working properly.

So what does a TPMS actually do for your vehicle? Underinflated tires don’t operate as well as properly inflated ones, so the system helps to reduce tire disintegration by alerting you when they need attention. Properly inflated tires enhance a vehicle’s ability to handle and break effectively. Also, since underinflated tires can malfunction and cause an accident, the system actually can help you avoid traffic accidents.

There are two kinds of TPMS: direct TPMS and indirect TPMS. The direct TPMS reports tire pressure in real time via sensors on the valve of each tire. The indirect TPMS approximates tire pressure via the vehicle’s anti-lock brakes. Our experts can quickly check your vehicle’s TPMS and make recommendations on what it needs to continue to properly function.


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