When it comes to frequency of car repairs, your vehicle’s belts and hoses are the most likely candidates. Because they can leak, crack or wear out quickly, they should be inspected regularly and replaced when needed. There are several steps we take to make sure that the constant exposure to heat, vibration and chemicals hasn’t compromised these important components in your car, truck or van.

  • Visually inspect the belts, specifically for cracking, glazing, softening or peeling.
  • Perform tests for proper tension
  • Visually inspect the hoses, looking for leaks, cracks and any hardening or softening
  • Perform tests for the cooling system hoses
  • Make notes to compare current status for future inspections

From drive belts to fuel hoses and everything in between, JP’s Car Care knows what to look for and how to repair belt and hose issues to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


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