The State of Utah requires vehicles, motorcycles, and RVs to undergo an inspection annually. This inspection is to ensure the vehicle meets certain safety and emissions standards set up. At JP’s Car Care, we’re happy to provide the safety and emissions inspections for all our customers in the Layton and Clearfield areas.

So what can you expect when you come to JP’s Car Care for a safety and emissions inspection? As you relax in our comfortable waiting area, a qualified technician will be following a detailed list of things to check on your vehicle. This checklist helps us ensure your vehicle meets the state standards, no matter what make and model, mileage or year.

If the vehicle doesn’t pass inspection, our technician will talk to you about what needs to happen in order for your car to get up to standards. We’ll be honest and fair in our description of the action needed and can schedule an appointment to take care of those issues with your permission. If your vehicle passes inspection, we will then provide you with the documents you need to renew your registration for the car, truck or van with the state.


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