If you see an unfamiliar light on your dashboard panel, known as the Check Engine Light, your vehicle is telling you something is not right. Depending on your car, truck or van’s make and model, you may see words or a silhouette of an engine. Regardless of what has triggered the light, it’s important to get it looked at right away. At JP’s Car Care, we can perform diagnostics to reveal what’s happening under the hood.

Our experts will use an electronic scan tool linked to a computer to identify the codes that a vehicle’s internal computer is sending out. We’ll identify what’s going on with your vehicle and recommend the best course of action.

Among the most common issues that cause a check engine light to come on includes:

  • The gas cap isn’t on tight
  • The spark plugs aren’t working right
  • Faulty oxygen sensor
  • Problem with mass airflow sensor (MAF)
  • The vehicle’s emissions are off

If you see the check engine light come on, just come on by and we’ll take a look. We can diagnose the problem quickly and will give you an honest assessment of your options.


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