You can keep your vehicle running better and ensure it is more dependable and safer when you pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommended scheduled maintenance. What this means is that for little to no cost, JP’s Car Care can check your vehicle performance and parts at certain intervals based on how frequently parts may need a little check-up.

For example, most people know that they need to get an oil change for their car, truck or van every 3,000 or so miles. But did you know that other things require the same scheduled maintenance? It’s true. When we perform regularly schedule maintenance checks on your vehicle, we’ll do a point-by-point inspection, tune-up and more. Regularly scheduled maintenance can ensure the maximum miles without major break-downs.

The cost of these scheduled maintenance visits can vary, depending on your vehicle make and model, number of miles and the age of the vehicle. However, at JP’s Car Care, we’re committed to providing all our customers in the Layton and Clearfield area the most affordable and honest service.


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